Morgan County Deputy Reserves

The Morgan County Deputy Reserves are a total voluntary organization donating thousands of hours to the community each year. The Morgan County Deputy Reserves are 501(c)3 charitable foundation and accepts donations from individuals and companies. All contributions are tax-deductible.



Reserve Deputy Keith Shade
Serving: 32 year member Great Cacapon VFD
Deputy Reserve 9 years

Reserve Deputy John Mauck

Serving : 11 years of service with Anne Arundel County MD
Deputy since 2020

Reserve Deputy Dave Fink
Serving: As a Reserve Deputy since 2020

Reserve Deputy Chad Jay
Serving: Deputy Reserve 6 years

Reserve Deputy Andrew Lucas

Reserve Deputy John Umerlink

Former Baltimore County Auxiliary with 12 years of service
Deputy Reserve 5 years

Reserve Deputy Arnold Puffenburger
Serving: Deputy Reserve 7 Years

Reserve Deputy Jim Wachter
Serving: As a Reserve Deputy since 2013

Reserve Deputy Linda Schlicht
Serving: Deputy Reserve and department chaplin.

Reserve Deputy Irv Miller
Serving: As Cheif Balif Morgan County 2006-2014, Reserve Deputy since 2015.


Reserve Deputy Irv "Mike" Miller, Jr
Serving: As a Reserve Deputy since 2020

Reserve Deputy John Ledford
Serving: Father Ledford is a catholic Priest and serves as a chaplain

Reserve Deputy Martin White
Serving: Veteran USA 82nd Airborne

Reserve Deputy Janet White

Reserve Deputy Andrew Swaim


Deputy Reserve Requests

Except in an emergency, this request form must be submitted to have Deputy Reserves assist with an event.
Reserve request form

Would you like to apply to be a Reserve Deputy?

Reserve Badge
Fill in the application and drop off to the Sheriff's Office.

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WV Code §6-3-1a