A Message from Sheriff K.C. Bohrer

My entire career I have been driven to maintain the highest quality of conduct necessary in law enforcement.  Of the many issues facing the law enforcement community, maintaining public trust is key.   Our deputies are in a position of trust and responsibility for the community.  I believe it is important to continually promote high expectations and a clear mission of the Sheriff's Office. 

I learned long ago in my career, that we can only accomplish our mission by partnering with the community.  I will ensure the employees of the Sheriff's Office will receive the best training available in order to provide the best service for Morgan County.  By promoting our values on a consistent basis from the top down we will ensure our standard of quality and obtain results of the highest caliber.

 I will work hard to keep Morgan County safe by making public safety my number one priority to earn your trust and confidence in the Sheriff's Office. I will use my experience working with County budgets to make sure every dollar spent by the Morgan County Sheriff's Office will be necessary and will yield results to enhance the safety and security of the taxpayers.  I will work to keep officers on the streets, streamline administrative functions and minimize costs. 

Courage, compassion, professionalism, accountability, respect, trust worthiness, justice and service are fundamental values that are the cornerstone of responsible law enforcement. 
We serve our communities protecting life and property, being diligent and professional in our acts and deeds, holding ourselves and each other accountable for our actions at all times, while respecting the dignity and rights of all. Earning the Public Trust Every Day!